Revolution in mechanics of materials

Tortoise technology generates accurate and local fracture properties of any material from  a simple analysis of one mm² of its fracture surface.  It paves the way to easier material characterisation, quantitative failure analysis and novel tools for predictive maintenance.

Failure analysis

Find out the root causes of failure by tracing back the failure scenario and loading conditions

Quality control and inspection

Ease and speed up mechanical testing. Charactersize the specimen resistance of any size and quantify their variability

R&D tool

Assist the development of high performance material. Feed numerical models with accurate material properties

Predictive maintenance

Diagnose the actual mechanical health of equipments and infrastructures in operation with a quasi non-destructive micro-sampling

About us

Tortoise uses data science to explain, characterize and prevent mechanical failure. Result of 30 years of research, our patented technologies decipher the information encrypted in the fracture surfaces of materials. Carrying an authentic breakthrough innovation, Tortoise reinvents fractography. Our team gathers scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with multidisciplinary skills

Our solution for failure analysis

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They support us


L'analyse statistique des faciès de rupture : la science de la donnée au service de l'analyse de défaillance dans Traitements et Matériaux, 459, Septembre 2019
Comment la fractographie statistique simplifie et améliore le contrôle de la tenue mécanique de nouveaux produits dans Qualité Références, 84, Avril 2020

2000€ par participant

Introduction à fractographie statistique et à la mécanique de la rupture

3000€ par participant

Formation sur trois jours à la fractographie statistique et à la mécanique de la rupture

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